"Sparring against a twice ISKA Kickboxing World Champion"! "Sparring against European and Irish Kickboxing Champions"! "Five hundred press-ups and sit-ups a day"! "Five hours training a day"!

I never thought for one second the above would become achievable..especially at 50 years old! My below story became my obsession. I set myself a goal. A Black Belt in a Martial Art or nothing! I envisioned the day I earned the highest belt achievable in Martial Arts and made this my goal. I took my eye off the ball towards the end..but I got back on track. We all have goals and dreams and we can all take our eye off the ball (hey, we're human) but only you, can get back on track! So why am I publishing it. I was contacted through a friend to submit my journey to a local online media outlet. 'It may help others' I was told. Decide for yourself.  Here is my story. A number of years ago, after passing my 40th birthday I decided I wanted to do some…

Fitness Challenge

30 Day Challenge..Join me!
The challenge costs no gym expense or membership and no fancy equipment. My challenge uses 3 kitchen chairs only. I do my challenge on a stone floor or on my decking so a small mat is also usefull..That's it!

To prepare for your excecise routine place 2 of the chairs side by side approx your shoulder-width apart. Place the 3rd chair back  at a distance for your feet to rest on comfortable when you take up the press-up position.

Here is my monthly challenge: 5 minute warm up and stretching. 25 x Press-Ups. Push the press-up to as low as you can go and feel the pressure in your chest, biceps and shoulders.25 x Arm presses/dips - sit between your 2 chairs and using your arms, dip/lower yourself down and up ensuring your arms come back to the straight/locked position. As you start your repititions you may be able to dip lower and really excercise your chest and triceps (back of your arms). 25 x Sit up's (lay on your back with your knees slightly bent). Do the s…
KickboxingLK & Muay ThaiLK

Set up in 2008, KickboxingLK has quickly established itself as one of Ireland's leading Kickboxing Clubs. Run by twice ISKA Kickboxing World Champion, Tommy 'The Ghost' McCafferty, the club has gone from strength to strength.

2013 Tommy introduced Muay Thai to the North West of Ireland.

If you are interested in taking up a Martial Art visit for training session details and club location.

Took part in the Ultimate Survivor Challenge at the Letterkenny paintballing venue in aid of fundraising for the cancer charity, Relay for Life. A fantastic day out and perfect location for team building, hens & stag days or just as a personal challenge. Check out for further details.

Have you ever wanted to get fitter, maybe shed a few pounds and learn possibly the fastest growing Martial Art in Ireland? Donegal based Tommy McCafferty (twice ISKA Kickboxing World Champion) runs one of Ireland's most successfull Kickboxing and Muay Thai clubs.Why not come along!

Kickboxing & Muay Thai

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